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March 30, 2023

Ava Balbuena

As College Hill slowly (very slowly) gets warmer, the music playing through your AirPods gets happier, faster, brighter. Besides the soft rain and buzzing bees, what else are you listening to? The Backseat Lovers. ROLE MODEL. Omar Apollo. This playlist is green, yellow, flowers blooming, and planning your spring break. It’s an iced matcha with oat milk that no longer leaves your fingers frozen on the walk to the Rock. Here’s the good vibes playlist for this spring, curated by students around Brown.

“Just You” by HEAVY CHEST

“Just You” begins with two guitars together, oscillating in dominance. The chords come in slow waves, like a slack tide. After the long introduction of soft guitar strokes, Josh Brown begins drumming and the song maintains a happy and vibrant sound. Though lead singer Andre Smith describes regret and racing thoughts, the upbeat rhythm and chorus work together to create a bright and hopeful song.

“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice Lauren Eusebio ‘25 (Behavioral Decision Sciences)


“Woman” by Doja Cat Monica Zhang ‘25 (Public Health/Gender and Sexuality Studies)

“a little more time” by ROLE MODEL 

ROLE MODEL’s most recent release, “a little more time” coincides with his cover of GQ’s Valentine’s Day issue, confirming his long-rumored relationship with YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. The song is about “feeling stagnant in life and realizing that your romantic partner is the motivating factor to escape the funk”, and was released with a music video directed and shot by Chamberlain. Though the song opens describing “a city with no seasons”, the chorus of “Rainshower, blue hour, two-hour drive upstate/ Sunflower, willpower” paints a picture of early spring, slowly coming out of the gray of winter.

“Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae Teddy Downing ‘25 (Italian Studies/Economics)

“Relax” by Vacations Henry Egan ‘25 (Political Science/Economics)

“Atomic Vomit” by Steve Lacy

“Brakelights” by Omar Apollo Mason Mead ‘25 (Environmental Studies)

“1979” by The Smashing Pumpkins Leo Quispe ‘25 (Modern Culture and Media/Computer Science)

“Nature Feels” by Frank Ocean

The closing track to Frank Ocean’s unreleased album nostalgia, ULTRA, “Nature Feels” plays with garden imagery and breathy tones. Sampling “Electric Feel” by MGMT, Ocean sings about a bubbling love that finally boils over. Frank Ocean will headline Coachella, his first festival performance since 2017. Ocean was initially slated to headline the festival in 2020 until its cancellation due to COVID. Until the new music promised on Blonded Radio is released, listen to “Nature Feels”.

“Players” by Coi Leray Elie Lubin ‘25 (Political Science)

“F2F” by SZA Kate Kuli ‘25 (Political Science/Philosophy)

“Grapejuice” by Harry Styles

“Yesterday, it finally came, a sunny afternoon/ I was on my way to buy some flowers for you” Off of Style’s Grammy-winning Album of the Year, “Grapejuice” opens with the image of a long-awaited sunny day. As picnic blankets appear more frequently on the Main Green, you’re sure to hear “Grapejuice” along with the rest of Harry’s House playing.

“Blue Notes” by Meek Mill Cole Dorsey ‘25 (Independent Study in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)

“Ladders” by Mac Miller

“Moon in the Morning” by Adam Melchor

It’s an ode to a lover who leaves “like the moon in the morning.” Melchor introduces it at concerts by saying, “this is a song about the moon,” but as he compares his lover to the moon, he reveals his hope for their future and his wish for her to stay. As he continues touring his album Here Goes Nothing! this spring, call into the Melchor Lullaby Hotline for snippets of his unreleased music.

“Out of Tune” by The Backseat Lovers

“Glue Song” by Beabadobee Elizabeth Lokoyi ‘25 (Computer Science/English)

“Cherry” by Amy Winehouse Isabella Langley ‘25 (International and Public Affairs)

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

“Otro Atardecer” by Bad Bunny and The Marías Brooke Halvorsen ‘26 (Biology)

Bad Bunny’s album Un Verano Sin Ti recently won the Grammy for Best Música Urbana Album. In April, he will return to Coachella for his second performance at the festival, this time as a headliner. This collaboration with the indie band, The Marias, is softer than the rest of the album and balances the high energy.

“Into You (feat. Tamia)” by Fabolous Bella Mauricio ‘25 (Economics)

“Riptide” by Vance Joy Carlson Ogata ‘25 (Health and Human Biology)

“I Think I Like When It Rains” by WILLIS

As Providence fluctuates between 30° and 70°, it’s easy to grow frustrated with the gray skies. WILLIS’ song evokes memories of elementary school lunch periods held inside, thermos’ closed too tightly, and the once-welcome change that rain brought. Sometimes the only way to get through the cloudy weather is to be grateful for it.

“Heaven” by Niall Horan Emma Rosenthal ‘25 (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Released on February 17th, “Heaven” is the first single off of Niall Horan’s upcoming album The Show, out June 9th. Upbeat and exciting, Horan describes his infatuation growing into an obsessive adoration. As he sings about heaven going up in flames, it’s not hard to imagine the coming warmth of spring and summer.

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