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November 30, 2022

Thalia Bonas

Admittedly - yes, I am pursing my lips as I write this - I look at Instagram too much. Way too much. And as I scroll (each hour?) I lust over beautiful clothes being worn by beautiful people; yet, over the last few months, I noticed a recurring series of pieces that made me stop, stare, and think, that is incredible and I want it: Hailey Bieber in a custom silver skirt and top set - stretched and sleek, but with a gorgeous ruffled flower on the right side (Gilchrist 2022). Elsa Hosk in a magenta mini dress so hot you have to lower the brightness on your phone. A perfect balance of barbiecore and Marie Antoinette. Olivia Rodrigo in a black corset and pink skirt that shows all the right kinds of skin - delicate but not crass. Bella Hadid in the aptly named Gun Pants and Top - a synthesis of ornate florals and minimalist silhouettes.

But of course, like most cool things you see celebrities wear online, there is no indication of where the garment is from. This did not stop me, and after some digging I emerged satisfied from my search. The brand behind all of these gorgeous garments was none other than Fanci Club.


Started in 2020 by Khan Duy Tran, FanciClub - named in homage to Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” - is “a modern take on classic elegance and ultra feminine codes of womenswear [...] revolutionizing the nearly-naked movement with fur trimmed, tie up and sophisticated sheer ensembles” (Fampas, 2020 Gilchrist 2022). FanciClub pieces are curated in Vietnam using exclusively deadstock and thrifted nylon, spandex and mesh materials - proof that you can be sexy and sustainable (Subair 2022). Tran, the 22 year old genius behind the operation is the creative founder and sole designer of FanciClub (Fampas 2020). Though his team has now expanded, his hand is present on every garment, and every element of the brand's iconic image. His recent collection was not simply made, but also photographed by him - showing “models posing in rooms in Hotel Des Arts Saigon, in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh” (Subair 2022). His line was dedicated to “lovestruck women”, speaking to “romance and the early stages of dating” (Subair 2022). Tran’s pieces are the perfect blend of tough, delicate and decadent - much like the beginnings of every relationship. Drawing inspiration from 80s and 90s fashion in Vietnam, Tran explains “I’m trying to create a revolution with Fanci Club. I’d like to normalize showing taboo parts of the body including - and not limited to - the buttocks. I hope my designs encourage people to love themselves” (Subair 2022).

I have to say, after spending a lot of time combing through their website, I think it’s working. Ok so some of the pieces, namely the “Beautiful in this skirt” and “Heart skip a beat pants” are a bit much for me. I am all for female empowerment through fashion, and I would be unabashedly impressed - and slightly intimidated - by anyone with the confidence to have their butt-crack out in public; however, I personally don’t love the feeling of sitting on public surfaces without my seat being fully covered. Call me weak: it’s just too cold. However, if anyone would be willing to sponsor my purchase of the “Night Train Dress” or the “Gun Pants”, I would wear those garments everywhere. Class, Skyline, Metro Mart. No dress code would stop me. I look at those garments and think, wow, I would feel beautiful and strong in that. And isn’t that all anyone can ask for from a piece of clothing???

Currently, you can only buy FanciClub pieces online, directly from their website; though the shipping costs alone may break the bank, as someone who recently pulled the trigger and made a purchase, I can assure you that it is worth it. Tran’s garments are not just clothes, they are pieces of art. They are things you buy so that in the future you can say: ‘Oh this, this is FanciClub circa 2022, you know, just before it blew up’. His pieces are already selling out within minutes of being online, but I predict that it is only a matter of time before this turns into seconds (Blair 2022). The dawn of this already iconic brand is just beginning.

Fanci club is now available on


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