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May 3, 2023

Julia Moon

Paris fashion week is one of the biggest events of the year where celebrities, models, and designers come together to highlight the debut of the season’s newest and hottest styles. There were many notable moments this year, from catwalk failures, celebrity appearances, to limit-challenging new designs. 


Valentino: Blunder on the Runway

The runway is a label’s first chance to draw in the crowd, be it with eye-catching new designs, an unusual runway, or a star-studded ensemble of models. This year, Valentino’s show was certainly attention-grabbing— but in all the worst ways. 


During Valentino’s haute couture spring show, viewers were shocked when several models stumbled and took a fall, disrupting the otherwise-flawless catwalks and throwing the display into a stilted rhythm. 58-year-old American Supermodel Kristen McMenamy tripped during her strut down the runway in a moment that would be circulated to millions of viewers on Twitter. McMenamy took off the stiletto heels and continued her circuit before disappearing backstage. Needless to say, the atmosphere in the room shifted from that point on.

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Soon afterwards, the media took the incident and hit the ground running; a multitude of articles were quickly published on sites like People, E!, and Glamour. Between official publications and videos on TikTok and Twitter, McMenamy’s fall was seen by upwards of 10 million viewers. The general consensus? The blunder was surprising for such a veteran supermodel, but she handled it well— there must have been a problem with the shoes, many netizens decided. 


The highly-publicized moment was surely embarrassing for McMenamy, but she handled it professionally. Despite her clear frustration on the catwalk, she later poked fun at herself, captioning a before-show instagram post “Before the Fall.” Humorous or not, though, the tumble won’t be quickly forgotten.

Schiaparelli: Off to a Blazing Start


New and daring fashion statements are made both on and off the runway. This was evident at the Couture Shows, where celebrity attendees donned nontraditional outfits that left lasting impressions. 


One of the most memorable was Doja Cat, who appeared to the Schiaparelli show covered in 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals and an eye-catching red ensemble. The pop star was inspired by “Inferno,” the theme of this year’s Schiaparelli collection, and her arrival set it off with a bang. With the help of legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath and almost 5 hours of application, Doja Cat’s dazzling look was completed. Seated in the show’s front row, she quickly made headlines and went viral for her unusual look.

Also seated in Schiaparelli’s front row was Kylie Jenner, who similarly made a statement by appearing in a black dress with a large lion head attached to the shoulder. The head was fake, crafted out of resin, foam, and man-made fur leather. Designer Daniel Rosberry was intrigued by vices from “Inferno” to create these animalistic designs (as per the show’s collection notes). Between Jenner and Doja Cat, celebrity fashion looks were spread all over social media and started off Couture Week in a blaze.

Viktor & Rolf: Intriguing New Collections

Each year, designers showcase collections that test the limits of fashion and materials, often showcasing outfits that are nearly unwearable. Following suit, several designers showed up and showed out with fascinating new designs. 


Label Viktor & Rolf turned fashion upside down– literally. In a collection of whimsical, A-line tulle dresses, models appeared in a series of increasingly bizarre creations. The show began as normal, with delicate, suburbia-inducing dresses. But soon, the show took an interesting turn. First, it appeared that the dresses were skewed, or didn’t fit the models quite right, as they took turns strutting the catwalk in garb that was tilted, not fully on, or separate from their bodies. As the final pieces came out, the dresses weren’t even facing the same direction: they were completely upside down, sideways, and even appeared to be passing through the models’ bodies. To viewers, the dresses were no longer just pieces of clothing. They appeared to be escaping from the body, claiming a will of their own and challenging the nature of modeling. Needless to say, audiences were stunned by the unexpected show.  

Image Credit: Vogue

Viktok & Rolf’s Paris runway offered a refreshing, well-executed take on what fashion can be and how clothing can be worn. It was only one among many unique runways in this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Along with many stunning collections, the shows will surely leave a lasting impression for the unexpected mishaps and outlandish looks that sparked so much discourse in social media forums. Both on and off the runway, there is truly never a boring moment in the fashion world.

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