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From magazine covers to the runway, makeup artists ensure that celebrities and models look their best. Michael Anthony and Molly Greenwald spoke at Brown Fashion Week about working in the cosmetics industry. Anthony has celebrity clients like Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. Similarly, Greenwald has built up a reputation for doing the makeup of figures like Olivia Rodrigo, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Constance Wu, to name a few. Furthermore, Yenteen, ‘23, moderated the event and asked riveting questions about the changes in the beauty industry.

To start, the two guests discussed their journeys in becoming makeup artists. Anthony grew up with an aunt who worked for Marie Kay. She had a room dedicated to her job as well as VHS tapes on how to sell items. As a curious child, Anthony put on makeup products not knowing their intended purpose. This sparked his interest in entering the cosmetics profession. With no experience, he made the smart move to use his art school portfolio to land a job. Consequently, Anthony began gaining practical knowledge by working at Mac Cosmetics. He said that “people may not remember what you said but how you made them feel.” It was the singer Roberta Flack who recognized Anthony’s talent and convinced him to start doing freelance work.

Greenwald also didn’t originally have the intention of becoming a makeup artist. After studying interior design, she wanted to pursue something else. Greenwald decided to move to Los Angeles and get a job at a makeup counter. She talked about a girl that appeared in her life and unveiled the world of agencies and photoshoots, leading Greenwald to quit and join that line of work.

Both artists had a quick emergence into the beauty industry. They spoke on the old hierarchy in the field, where individuals would first have to assist well-known makeup artists for at least 10 years. In addition, clients were kept secret. However, social media has changed the game of access and building a name for yourself. They said that today’s makeup stand consultants can be sharing their work on Instagram one day and then have celebrity clients the next.

When working for people with such busy and even chaotic schedules, Anthony said he follows guidelines. For example, not getting lost in the worlds of his clients. Moreover, he recognizes that he is on his own journey. Meanwhile, Greenwald said she believes in refinement when doing someone's makeup or showing up to the job.

Furthermore, the two explained the relationship between makeup and personal branding. Anthony said people come to him with their identity, which he has to learn. Greenwald then chimed in, saying clients want “his stroke of their look. In recent years, many celebrities and influencers have been releasing beauty lines or brands. Anthony and Greenwald commented that oftentimes, the projects are just sponsored by the celebrity. In addition, some are not of great quality while others they recommend.

It was amazing to hear how the two makeup artists rose in the industry and the changes it's endured. If you're interested in their current projects, Greenwald is working on magazine covers and Anthony can be found on American Idol. Also, check out their Instagram pages for even more beauty inspiration!

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