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Joshua Abramovich

Broadcasted live, fashion stylist, influencer, and entrepreneur Tina Leung joined Brown Fashion Week’s speaker series. She is known for sharing her fashion week adventures and outfits, launching a designer vintage retail service, and collaborating with luxury brands like Chanel, Loewe, and Valentino. Reeno Hashimoto, a sophomore at Brown, moderated the event and spoke to Leung about her experiences.

Originally from Hong Kong, Leung described her earliest memories of fashion. As a child, she didn’t consider her clothes too much. However, her aunt and dad were style inspirations. Upon attending an international school, Leung started getting creative with her uniform, wearing the same skirt throughout the years (making it shorter) and knee-high boots.

She then moved to Los Angeles, CA, witnessing the differences between Asian and American beauty aesthetics. Particularly, Leung pointed out the popularity of spray tanning in the U.S. versus the appeal of whiter skin in Asian countries. Additionally, she explained that she enjoys being tan, adding that “the world is so small and with the internet, it’s not how it traditionally was.”

As technology helps connect people with similar interests, Leung spoke about finding your fashion community. In one instance of taking a photo at Philip Lim’s clothing store, the designer told Leung, “yay the Slaysian.” As a result, their House of Slay formed, a community that spreads friendship and awareness about anti-Asian racism. 


Leung is also passionate about acting. In fact, she studied it as an undergrad. Also, Leung mentioned that she adores the theater and editing films. However, while mid-flight, she realized she didn’t want to kiss anyone other than her boyfriend for a role. This dilemma led her to consider magazines, although acting in an action film is still on her bucket list.

As someone who pursued her interests, Leung shared some advice with the students in the audience. She recommended choosing who or what position you admire. Then, attempt to assist that person or the individual in that role. For anyone interested in fashion, Leung advised that it’s a hands-on profession. Also, consider the variety of jobs under that umbrella term. In addition, Leung said that students should follow their hearts, listen to themselves, and not get discouraged by others’ opinions. 

Leung's story and advice were fabulous to hear, especially for students unsure about following their passion. The conversation ended with the speaker shedding light on her future endeavors. They included entering a new type of media, a desire to design a capsule furniture collection, and wanting an alpaca and llama farm. Furthermore, Fashion@Brown is excited to see what she does next.

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