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Behind the Business of Vogue: In Conversation with Hilary Milnes 


This year’s Brown Fashion Week began March 11 with a discussion with Hilary Milnes, executive editor of Vogue Business Americas. She manages and edits a significant portion of the articles being published for Vogue. She also coordinates Vogue Business’ events and helps to define the strategic direction of the publication. She provided her insight on this year’s theme, “fashion beyond the screen,” by describing her experiences in the fashion journalism industry, retail reporting, and how successful businesses in the industry came to be.

Audio File: F@B Spring Mix


As College Hill slowly (very slowly) gets warmer, the music playing through your AirPods gets happier, faster, brighter. Besides the soft rain and buzzing bees, what else are you listening to? The Backseat Lovers. ROLE MODEL. Omar Apollo. This playlist is green, yellow, flowers blooming, and planning your spring break. It’s an iced matcha with oat milk that no longer leaves your fingers frozen on the walk to the Rock. Here’s the good vibes playlist for this spring, curated by students around Brown...

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