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Behind the Business of Vogue: In Conversation with Hilary Milnes 


This year’s Brown Fashion Week began March 11 with a discussion with Hilary Milnes, executive editor of Vogue Business Americas. She manages and edits a significant portion of the articles being published for Vogue. She also coordinates Vogue Business’ events and helps to define the strategic direction of the publication. She provided her insight on this year’s theme, “fashion beyond the screen,” by describing her experiences in the fashion journalism industry, retail reporting, and how successful businesses in the industry came to be.

An Evening with Retrofête's Ohad Seroya


Walking into the auditorium, the anticipation was almost tangible. Young, eager, fashion-idolizing students clamored around me to hear and speak with co-founder, CEO, and designer of Retrofête, Ohad Seroya. The seats began to fill, and a buzz of excitement hung in the air. Then, proceeding an illustrious introduction, out walked Seabass Immomen, F@B’s host for the evening, and Seroya; a vision in sandy beige pieces from his brand, Seroya, accessorized with gold jewelry and a palpable aura of a certain je ne sais quoi...

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