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Peri Sheinin and Allison Schaum

This year’s Fashion@Brown Fashion Week kicked off with none other than award-winning actress, entrepreneur and activist Sarah Jessica Parker. Although she is most well-known for her role as Carrie in Sex and the City, Parker made her entertainment debut at a young age. She appeared on Broadway as a teenager in Annie and now has over 45 movie credits to her name. Parker has a tremendous presence off the screen as well. She founded and runs Pretty Matches Productions, debuted several fragrance lines and launched a wine collection with Invivo. In 2016, Parker founded her own imprint, SJP for Hogarth, where she serves as Editorial Director. Parker also released a shoe line, SJP Collection, in partnership with the former president of Manolo Blahnik.

The event was moderated by Fashion@Brown President Sasha Pinto ‘21, and began with conversations about Parker’s production company along with her literary imprint. Parker revealed her love of television and the power of film to tell impactful stories. She also spoke of her childhood passion for books and emphasized the lasting influence of literature on her life.

“Books became our choice… I just loved where books took me. I could be in a place far away, that I might never have an opportunity to visit,” Parker said.

Throughout her career, Parker gravitated towards many different realms. Her wine collection with Invivo was a perfect example of her willingness to explore creative passions.

“The thing that’s been most exciting to me… is just being curious and being pulled toward the unfamiliar.”

Parker also shared exciting details about the tremendous philanthropic element of SJP X Invivo. The brand recently partnered with FEED Foundation to donate over 330,000 school meals for children around the world. Parker emphasized the importance of giving back to the community and urged the next generation of Brown students to do the same.

“There is so much to be done in the world… and there are all sorts of places in the world in which I think you... are going to have an enormous impact.”

Parker stressed the value of learning from every experience, regardless of the outcome. She served as president and chief creative officer at Halston Heritage before leaving the company after a year and a half.

“I liken it to the boyfriend that everybody warns you about,” Parker said. “I learned that you don’t give up and you stand by employees and you listen to them and you keep fighting for them.”

After years of turning down offers, Parker entered the shoe industry. She called the former president of Manolo Blahnick to launch her shoe line, SJP Collection.

“I wanted to make shoes that I wanted to wear,” Parker said.

Parker is one of the few stars to greet customers in person and help them select shoes. Even during the pandemic, Parker continues to deliver products to consumers’ front doors. “They (consumers) are a huge part of our design process so having those conversations is important.”

Parker communicated plans to evolve her brand and achieve the true cost of her products. “We have something at every price point so everyone can leave with something,” she added. “The richest experience actually has been the hardest work. You don't feel the reward immediately but it's a sort of accumulation. It's like building scar tissue.”

Parker’s knowledge of social compliance in the fashion industry drove her to seek out thrift stores for herself and her children.

“I wanted to be thoughtful about the way I was a consumer in the world,” Parker said.

She shared rare insight into the creative process behind SJP Collection. She combines past and present fashion to create exciting shoes for every consumer. However, Parker is not one for fashion trends.

“We never look at trends. They never even enter into the conversation.”

Parker shared highlights while working with iconic fashion designer Patricia Field. Parker blended work and play during late-night fittings with Field while filming Sex and the City. She revealed that her famous dress worn in Paris during Season 6 was selected solely because of its elegance.

“It’s the fitting, where everything comes together and plays such an integral part of figuring out who you are… Sometimes you make decisions for real storytelling and sometimes you just do it because it brings joy.”

So what is next for Sarah Jessica Parker?

More fashion. More sex. More New York City… More Sex and the City! A new chapter titled “And Just Like That…” will begin production this spring.

Parker closed the conversation on an uplifting note. “Create your own blueprint… Continue to be your own people… Find paths that are uniquely your own.”

Make sure to catch more star-studded events as Emma Chamberlain, Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow join many others to make a legendary Fashion@Brown Fashion Week.

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